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wife goes in for an alignment and while there decides to get a sticker..fails inspection for frayed seatbelt..it's always something in these places that have a shop and do stickers,,bad windshield wipers..hey we sell em...bad tires...got those too...

you name it whatever you need we can fix it... I once thought these guys were alright, but the true colors always come out.. frayed seatbelt... remember at these places they can fail you for anything and they do...

they'll tell you it's the state it's a safety thing...please.. no sir it's you...you pull this *** to increase business...you won't see either of us or our friends anymore..

you're a crook

don't bother e-mailing us back with what a nice guy you are, you're not..so save your breath

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I experienced the same thing with this shop today.Close to work and needed a new sticker on a car that I recently purchased.

They failed me due to tears in my windshield wipers. My husband had just put a new wiper on the driver's side and since it was raining that morning I KNOW that the 6" tear that they showed me after the inspection was not there in the morning. But, hey, they can put on some low end generic wipers for $9.99 each OR we can replace them with our better wipers at $25 each. Really?

Drove up the street to the fine folks at Midway Auto Supply where I purchased, and they installed, two new very good wipers for $12. Went back to have my rejection sticker replaced. After waiting 20+ minutes for this to happen I was delivered my car with the driver's side floor mat covered with black grease. In their credit they were very responsive and did a good job cleaning it BUT cleaned it with water and solvent while lying the mat flat on the service room floor.

The front looked great but now the rubber back was covered in an oily black mess. Not the good experience I was hoping for.

Since this shop is walking distance to work was hoping to find that they would, in the future, be my "go to" place for future repairs.

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